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International Data Center Day 2021

Through diverse education and early exposure, Netrality and Bala Consulting work towards empowering the data center industry, and a promising “new normal”.

With disruption, there is an opportunity for change and innovation. While COVID-19 and the resulting mandates have brought immeasurable loss, they have signaled the true entry into an era of global digital transformation that holds the promise of healing and uniting our planet.

Central to such adaption and resiliency is the art of interconnection. Although we are trending towards remote and autonomous systems, this evolution of society and technology is the product of joint efforts to create a progressive, digitally connected world.

As the owner and operator of interconnected colocation data centers, Netrality Data Centers provides collaborative atmospheres that encourage partners to leverage each other’s strengths in order to attain mutual and communal prosperity. Netrality’s mission to better the communities in the markets we serve extends beyond the walls of our data centers. We take pride in partnering with our ecosystems of thought leaders and community stakeholders that value the importance of including critical, modern skills in administrative and educational efforts. Through diverse educational experience and early exposure, we work towards empowering the data center industry, today’s youth, and a “new normal” that we are proud of.

Who better to drive advances on the horizon than the generation who grew up during the explosion of rapid change and technological transformation? The next-generation of mission-critical talent is particularly resilient, tech-savvy, and bring hope for tomorrow. As any incumbent expert, it is our privilege and duty to inspire and enlighten those who will one day receive the passed torch. By investing in an adolescent’s future, we contribute to a collective, multi-generational opportunity for impact. We must teach them what we have learned throughout our years, so in years to come, we may learn and grow from the byproduct of their ingenuity.

Recent months have highlighted how the evolution of technology will aid in the adaptation of our new reality. By working together and leveraging digitalization, we continue to advance forward.

Due to the pandemic, Netrality Data Centers and Bala Consulting Engineers’ second annual in-person celebration of International Data Center Day was canceled in March of 2020 to protect the health and safety of attendees. In November of 2020 Netrality, Bala, 7×24 International Exchange, and ACE Mentor Program joined together to virtually celebrate International Data Center Day and educate students from Roman Catholic High School, Bonner Prendie High School, and ACE Mentor Program. Roman Catholic High School’s Principal, Vince Tarducci shared, “Working with Netrality over the past two school years has been a wonderful experience for our students.  It has provided them with an opportunity to explore careers in the tech field which has had a positive impact on their post-secondary plan development.  Through both the field trip and virtual presentation, Netrality has offered real-world learning opportunities that were engaging and motivated our students to embark on a continued exploration of potential college majors.  Roman Catholic High School is very grateful for our partnership with Netrality and we look forward to strengthening our relationship for years to come”.

By leveraging the widespread adoption of virtual meeting platforms and additional community partners, the health and safety of our future and industry was protected as students embarked on a virtual tour of Netrality’s Philadelphia data center at 401 North Broad.






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