Blog > Netrality Continues to Rank on CloudScene’s “Most Influential Data Center Operator” List

Netrality Continues to Rank on CloudScene’s “Most Influential Data Center Operator” List

Netrality has been ranked as one of the most influential data center operators, selected from more than 5,300 service providers. Visit the Netrality blog to learn more.

Netrality is excited to once again be featured on Cloudscene’s Most Influential Data Center Operators leaderboard. CloudScene’s rankings emphasize Netrality’s view on the importance of interconnection and a strong partner ecosystem. The leaderboard is based on a colocation data center’s total facilities in the region and total number of service providers across all data centers in that region.

While the majority of the providers on the list operate dozens of data centers in their portfolio, Netrality owns and operates six colocation facilities offering the ability to interconnect with hundreds service providers across the portfolio.


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