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5G in Kansas City and the Rise of the Smart City

5G’s impact on Kansas City’s smart city technology will enable the city to continue to positively impact the lives of everyone living, visiting or working.

Considered one of the world’s most connected smart cities, Kansas City has proven its commitment to providing residents and visitors with top-notch, innovative technologies that improve everyday experiences. The smart city ecosystem that Kansas City has developed is a leading example of the potential of city and tech collaboration. Major carriers, like Sprint and AT&T, have chosen the city as one of the first in the US to have access to their respective next-generation wireless offerings. As 5G continues to roll out in Kansas City, the new wireless network will propel the developing smart city to the next level.

Kansas City already leads smart city development with its Smart City Corridor — over 2 miles of downtown smart district integrated with the city’s streetcar system. In partnership with Cisco, Sprint and more, residents have access to all kinds of leading technology, including free public WiFi, smart streetlights and traffic lights, and interactive kiosks. These innovations are helping to improve traffic management and reduce power consumption, as well as provide data to city leaders that can help to proactively manage issues — all ways that Kansas City is becoming a better place to live and visit.

5G’s impact on Kansas City’s smart city technology will be impressive, and enable the city to continue to positively impact the lives of everyone living, visiting or working. The new network will allow for greater speed and capacity at a much more reliable rate, as well as improve existing smart city applications.

For example, Kansas City’s already smart streetlights would have the ability to connect with deployed autonomous vehicles, creating an even greater opportunity to manage traffic. 5G will also enable applications that augment what has already been deployed, such as a smart energy grid, which can better predict and manage energy needs as well as more quickly and accurately identify and fix power outages.  

As 5G fully arrives in Kansas City, increased capacity and network performance will meet the growing connectivity demands of an expanding ecosystem of smart city technology.  

Located right in the heart of the city, Netrality’s 1102 Grand is excited to offer Kansas City innovators the resilient, ultra-low latency connectivity that high bandwidth and growing data volumes that 5G-enabled smart city applications demand.

To learn more about how Netrality enables 5G connectivity and smart city growth, contact us.

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